Wood Furniture Wholesale

If you find wood furniture wholesale at good price, consider JAF Living in your option. JAF Living present indoor wooden furniture. Our products range include several style: contemporary, classic, neo classic, colonial, antique reproduction, ethnic / traditional, modern, contemporary modern, minimalist modern, rustic/country that combine functional and beautiful design. By products, we make credenza, buffet, TV plasma, side table, showcase, sofa, kitchen set, lamp, big table, coffee table, console table, mirror, sofa, cabinet , bed, bedside ; and dining room.

Wooden Furniture Wholesale

JAF is Indoor wood furniture wholesaler (Teak and Mahogany) , Exporter, and Manufacturer from Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. Our company have passion to create good design, quality and price.

Create Beautiful Design of Indoor Wooden Furniture?

Our furniture design derived from mood that we want to create. We design new furniture with consider need of home spacious, beautiful, comfort, and functional. This requirement inspired us to create new furniture design. We apply teak solid wood, aluminum, cushion, ethnic ornament to furniture design. We also apply many kind of finishing: natural, rustic, whitewash, and gold leaf, silver leaf. Colors, texture, form of the furniture are combined to create new atmosphere in several home style: modern, ethnic or eclectic.

Our company have established in Jepara. Jepara have long heritage that inspire us create new design. Learn from past, but not repeat it. We also learn from contemporary trend in fashion style and furniture style. Jepara furniture design not only learn from local heritage, but also learn from global furniture heritage.

Sometimes we explore beautiful of wood grain in simple minimalist furniture. Some times we use non excessive beautiful ornament, straight line and curve in furniture design. We also learn from trending furniture and fashion. Our design mean heritage, clean, and dynamic.


How we create Quality Design of Indoor wood Furniture?

First, we aware that wood is hydroscopic material. So wood is easy shrink and expand because air moisture. Wood furniture is easy to crack and splitting. To solve this problem, we always use dry wood ( 9% when fresh from the kiln dry), so degree of shrink is not enough to make furniture crack.

Second, Wood Quality is important for strength and durable furniture. Usually, people differentiate wood by species and by producer (perhutani and village), and by diameter. By experience, we know quality not only by species, producer, and diameter, but also city where wood is grow. We maintain relationship with wood supplier to get more access good quality of wood.

Third, to prevent termites, we treat wood with termite pest control chemical.

Fourth, Joinery and glue also is important to create strength construction of furniture. Chairs or tables often are loaded by human body, belting and etc. So it is important to make strong furniture to receive their usual treatment without destroyed or decay. Standard wood dowel is good to join part of furniture.

Create cheap Indoor wood furniture wholesale without reduce Quality?

First, to create reliable good quality at low price, we always improve our organization to reduce waste of time, material and defect. We also improve mode of production, kiln dry technique to create good quality. We have several techniques to dry wood. Our techniques range from cheap technique and long time, to expensive technique and fast time.

Second, we also have good relationship to materials. We usually bought material in large scale and get good price. Our position in Jepara helps us to access furniture material, skill and knowledge. Jepara is biggest wood furniture center in Indonesia and the world. Jepara have 12.000 furniture workshop, and 400 exporters. This is can reduce our cost. Jepara brand as furniture center attract traders from national and worldwide, so it is can reduce our marketing cost. We supply wood indoor furniture for wholesale trader to worldwide.

We invite you to visit our showroom and factory- a wood furniture wholesale from Jepara Indonesia. Click here to check our showroom. We create opportunity for wholesaler and trader.

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